Good mental health is that sense of wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem.  It enables us to fully enjoy and appreciate other people, day-to-day life and our environment.

Don't struggle alone, call us for an appointment and speak to one of our doctors, we have several who have a special interest in mental health. 

They will if necessary conduct an assessment which usually takes approximately 45 minutes.  The assessment involves questions about:

• Recent and past psychological and emotional experience

• Physical health (which may have an influence on your mental health)

• Lifestyle (drugs, alcohol, exercise habits, sleeping patterns and diet all play a part in your mental wellbeing) • Family history of physical and mental illness

• Cultural background and spiritual beliefs

• Social environment (do you live alone, have supportive family and/or friends, have a social life? – these things are all important to your recovery and may impact on treatment planning)

• Any past treatment you have had

• Work and financial situation (which may impact both on your mental health and your treatment options)

• Any important experiences in your childhood that may have contributed to your vulnerability to mental illness (this may influence the type of therapy that is appropriate for you)

• Preferences about what kind of treatment you have previously undertaken.

This information will assist your doctor to formulate a Mental Health Care Plan for you.  Your doctor will explain what is contained in the plan, why, provide additional information and answer all your questions.

Our doctors are good listeners, they are respectful, knowledgeable and will always be there for you. 

Call us today for an appointment.

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