Our doctors at North Rockhampton Medical Centre can perform minor surgical procedures. More serious matters will need to be referred to the appropriate specialist.


Types of Procedures

The types of minor procedures our GPs perform include:

  • Excising Cysts, Lesions and Skin Cancer:  Most dermal cysts are benign, but can be removed for cosmetic reasons or because they are causing pain.  A skin lesion is a superficial growth or patch of the skin that does not resemble the area surrounding it.  Skin Cancer is one of various malignant conditions of the skin, for example Malignant Melanoma..

  • Suturing: Sutures are more commonly known as “stitches”. Suturing needle and thread are used to close an open wound to prevent infection and promote healing.

  • Incision: An incision is a cut made,  to an abscess to drain it of pus.

  • Dressing Minor Wounds: Minor wounds can be dressed and managed at the clinic, with more complex wound care referred to the appropriate specialist or QLD Government Clinic.

  • Contraceptives: Birth control devices can be inserted and removed.

  • Biopsies: A biopsy is a procedure to remove a small sample of tissue for later examination, typically in a pathology lab.

Your doctor will advise you in relation to your minor procedure including risks and post procedure care.

If you are concerned, be it a lump, dark spot, change to a freckle or any other skin issues please call and make an appointment as soon as possible.  Early detection and treatment is critical to a successful outcome.

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